Projects Overview

Oil and Gas Division

Powder River Basin - Wyoming

15,750 acres of oil and gas leases in the Powder River Basin across three counties in Wyoming.  The Powder River Basin (PRB) contains multiple hydrocarbon reservoirs ranging from shallow to deep which are prolific and highly profitable.  There are a large number of productive formations in the PRB, rivaling the Permian, which have been targeted by historical vertical well development.

Borie Field - Wyoming

The Borie Field produces light sweet crude oil and has prospective drilling upside in a number of formations.

Silvertip Field - Wyoming

The Silvertip Field produces gas and oil.  Proven hydrocarbons are present in six reservoirs ranging in depth from 450m (1500 ft) to 2750m (9000 ft).  Many of the wells have been drilled in the last 10 years and produced by modern surface facilities in the field.

California Fields

The Company has two producing oilfields in California that produce light crude oil.

Battery Minerals Division

Eon Battery Minerals Division is positioning itself to take advantage of the growth in global battery energy demand through the low cost, staged exploration,  discovery and development of battery mineral resources that are and will be required for current and future power, storage and distribution. The company’s board also has significant experience in minerals discovery and development.